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July 26, 2017
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YouTube vs. Vimeo …. Which Is Better?

YouTube VS Vimeo ...Which is Better? Article by Left Digital Media | Digital Collective | Marketing Agency Fayetteville GA

YouTube VS Vimeo ...Which is Better? Article by Left Digital Media | Digital Collective | Marketing Agency Fayetteville GA

Let’s compare, shall we?


What is YOUTUBE? is an online video sharing network. YouTube was founded in February of 2005 by
Steve Chan, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. Anyone can post, comment, rate and share video
content via it’s integration with Google or standalone platform. In 2006 the internet search engine
giant Google© purchased YoutTube for $1.65 Billion in Google stock.

Benefits to having your content on Youtube

  • Youtube is part of one of the most powerful data enterprise companies in the world.
  • YouTube offeres it’s integrated AdSense program for generating revenue based on clicks and views.
  • Youtube is one of the most well-known video content sharing sites.
  • Keyword and Google+ integration help to increase content exposure.
  • Available video formats and quality of encoding had improved over the years.



What is VIMEO? is an online video sharing network similar to YouTube. Vimeo was founded by Zach
Klein and Jake Lodwick in 2004. Vimeo has been known to be more of a ‘Professionals Choice for
a Content Viewing Service’ due to its better quality encoding, custom personalization and security.

Benefits to having your content on Vimeo

  • Vimeo offers more flexible and secure content controls such as viewer restricted password or
    specific viewer access.
  • Better quality encoding and website integration.
  • Vimeo Pro (a subscription platform) offers larger amounts of data to be uploaded at any given time. It also offers ad revenue and highly customizable content integration and branding.
  • Unlike Youtube where you cannot replace or update a video once it has been uploaded to the site, Vimeo does allow for this making it easier to update annually changing presentations or acting demo reels without having to replace or send out new video links to people or places.
  • For content creators, vimeo offers the ability to mark up or make written notes for review utilizing the video’s embedded timecode signature which is innate to all video content.