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Your Website, YouTube, and Vimeo: Which Platform is for You?

Video Series

This package includes three-minute templated episodes.  Your business information and logo will be displayed for eight seconds in each of your episodes.

To take advantage of this package, you must order a minimum of five episodes. We will turn your scripts into a reality with our affordable and quality video production services.

We will make your vision come true through either green screen or on-location filming. Come to Left Digital Media for all your video production needs.

Basic Product Package

 We will bring your commercial to life through our quality video production skills. This package includes up to 2 revisions on your pre-provided script. Your 30 Second Commercial will accurately capture your product in the way you want. 

The Basic Product Package includes a green screen or on-location filming. This 30-second commercial will also include voiceover by a host or hostess of your choice. If you are in need of one commercial to capture your product and your business. Take advantage of this package at Left Digital Media today.

Mid-Level Product Package

With our Mid-Level Product Package, you get a 45 second commercial with a script created to fit your needs with up to 2 revisions.

This package includes a music layover, your business information, and logo displayed for eight seconds and a host/hostess of your choice for voiceover or camera time. It also includes a 6-hour slot of on-location filming at your business or another location of your choice.

We aim to create a perfect 45 second commercial for your business and product. 

Premium Product Package

Left Digital Media’s Premium Product Package includes a 60 second commercial for your business or product. The director and marketing team will provide the script, and we will work to turn it into a reality. This package includes an 8-hour on-location slot at your business or a location of your choice.

This 60-second commercial also includes music layover, a host/hostess of your choice for voiceover or camera time, and 8 seconds of your business information and logo.